Ohio Water Partnership

Water is Connection

Our members are dedicated to preserving Ohio’s water resources and ensuring the cleanliness and safety of our water supply.

The Ohio Water Partnership comprises representatives from all vital industry sectors within Ohio, encompassing manufacturing, agriculture, retail, travel & leisure, energy, healthcare, construction, natural resources, and professional services. Ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to locally established Ohio enterprises, the Partnership includes entities that acknowledge the significant impact of Ohio’s water quality on their overall success.

Becoming a member only requires a commitment to uphold the quality of Ohio’s water, spanning from Lake Erie to the Ohio River, and encompassing every inland lake, stream, and river in between. For businesses concerned about these issues, inquiring about securing a position for your company on the Executive Board.

Our Members

From Ohio’s small businesses to the Fortune 500, the Ohio Water Partnership includes companies of all sizes that recognize the quality and affordability of Ohio’s water impacts to the bottom line.

Our members represent all of Ohio’s key industry sectors, and include: