Ohio Water Partnership

About the Ohio Water Partnership

The Ohio Water Partnership comprises a wide spectrum of businesses, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to locally-run Ohio enterprises, all acknowledging that the quality of Ohio’s water directly impacts their overall success.

Why Join Us?

Representing diverse sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, retail, travel & leisure, energy, healthcare, construction, natural resources, and professional services, the Partnership encompasses entities of varying sizes, united in recognizing the vital connection between Ohio’s water quality and their business outcomes.

Our Funders

Established in 2021, the Ohio Water Partnership operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, made possible through the generous support of the Cleveland Foundation, The George Gund Foundation, and The Joyce Foundation.

Technical Advisory Committee

The Ohio Water Partnership’s policy objectives are consensus-driven from the member companies of the business community. To ensure a consistent, effective, fair approach to protecting and preserving Ohio’s natural water resources, and ensuring the state has high-quality water infrastructure such that Ohioans maintain safe, clean, affordable drinking water.

Taking action to formalize a working relationship with our partners in the environmental community, the Ohio Water Partnership has created the OWP Technical Advisory Committee or ‘TAC.’

The OWP will look to the TAC to provide consultation on legislative policy proposals, propose forward-looking water policy initiatives for OWP consideration and render technical advice.

TAC Members